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SENSA YUMA (CMR-038) - Punkrockers   SENSA YUMA (CMR-038)
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You can now listen to the entire "punkrockers", sensa yuma´s fifth studio album. The u.k formed band,but with over 12 years working with this line up in the alicante (spain) area,is presenting it to the public through their bandcamp site. You can also buy the cd directly from their web page, and very soon from the labels who participated in the edition of the album (potencial hardcore,mass production,canya de la muntanya and ojalä me muera records). The vinyl edition is in preparation, and soon it will also be available for download from spotify,itunes,etc. The album, once again in collaboration with oscar streamline and sonica studios,offers thirteen tracks that profiles to perfection the band´s style:vicious and melodic hand in hand, from hardcore and the darkest punk rock influences to the freshness of american punk rock with more rock rythms.all mixed up in a warm but convincing sound.

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